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Newborn essentials

Posted by Ali Hui on

When you find out you are expecting, you mind boggles thinking about what this means and the things you will have to buy. To help out, and so it’s not so stressful, here’s our list of essentials…

To help with suggestions these are great presents friends and family can buy for you

Moses Basket or Bassinet
Cot - Crib and mattress for when older
Change table

2 x bassinet / moses sheet sets
2 x cot sheet sets
1 x cot bottom sheet
2 x baby blankets merino/organic cotton
Mattress protector

Clothing– only natural fibres eg cotton or merino
6 x bodysuits
2 x nightgowns/bundlers
2 x onesies
2 x cardigans
2 x leggings or pants
Lots of booties and scratch mittens
2 x beanies - woollen hats
Sunhat (for summer)
Burp cloths

Sleeping Bag and Swaddling Wrap
3 x merino swaddling wraps
3 x muslin wraps / swaddles (summer)
1 x summer weight sleeping bag – organic cotton
1 x winter weight sleeping bag – merino

2 x hooded towels
10 x gauze muslins / facecloths
Baby wash
Nail clippers

Additional tools
Nappies (8-10 per day)
Bottom Balm
Breast pump
Breastfeeding pillow
Room thermometer
Breathable cot bumper
Black out blinds

Other Essentials
Basic buggy
Sling or carrier
Baby capsule and wheels
Travel cot

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