Ever wondered why baby clothes have an envelope neck?

Ever wondered why baby clothes have an envelope neck?

Posted by Babu on 6th Aug 2015

It’s tricky to dress (and undress) an unsettled newborn baby or a little one in something that’s difficult to get over their head, or that has a lot of buttons up the back. Not only are envelope neck tees and bodysuits convenient to get on and off with ease and comfort, the design allows you to stretch the top enabling you to support your baby’s head, whilst getting them dressed without getting upset by clothes scraping their faces, making the change quicker, calmer and less stress for both you and your baby!
Plus an added bonus, you can slide it off over your baby's shoulders and down over their body, avoiding the icky sticky situation if the garment has poo, spills or food all over it! A brilliant feature of the envelope neck! This style is available in Babu's Merino bodysuit and Merino Tees for size Newborns to 6-12months (0).

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