Water Resistant Sunscreen Guidelines

Posted by Alison Hui on 11th Dec 2019

Water Resistant Sunscreen Guidelines

Water resistant sunscreens are critical for the New Zealand and Australian Summer, especially if your activity involves swimming and exercise.

They are formulated to stay on the skin but need regular application to keep you and your family safe. We all know the sun damages the skin causing premature again and cancer, so take care to read labels and follow the instruction and expiry dates on all sunscreens.

There is no such thing as a water proof sunscreen. Water resistant does not mean water proof or sweat proof. Water resistant sunscreen should clearly state on the label how long the resistance is. Once it is on your skin the resistance can be reduced to 40- 80 minutes depending on the activity, your skin and the water you are swimming in.

Babu water resistant is tested to 120 minutes but we advise reapplying after 80 mins.

Always apply a visible layer to exposed areas paying attention to swimsuit lines, shoulder, tops of feet and ears. Apply evenly and massage in to your skin. This should be done 15 minutes prior to sun exposure. This is critical, please give your sunscreen time to work and form the sun protection barrier you need.

Reapply to high exposure areas regurly. We advise every 60 mins if exercising and swimming, remembering that towel drying removes a sunscreen layer.

Cover up! UV protective clothing and swimwear, hats, wraps, shade and don’t forget your sunglasses.

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