Cheap and Unique Baby Gifts- from just $10

Cheap and Unique Baby Gifts- from just $10

Posted by Babu on 26th Jan 2021

On a budget?

Here at Babu we understand not everyone has hundreds of dollars to spend on a friend’s new baby- we wish we did too!

Sometimes it seems like everyone is expecting a baby.

Many people turn to unique clothing pieces when choosing a baby gift. Chances are the expecting parents are going to end up with a tonne of new clothes. Why not save your money and gift something practical!

We have compiled a list of cheap baby gift ideas that parents and babies love!

Under $30

Snuggle bunny- Babu snuggle bunnies are the perfect thoughtful baby shower gift. They are not stuffed, meaning baby can snuggle them from birth.

Mittens, Hats and Booties- Mittens, hats and booties are a cheap yet adorable baby gift idea. Whether they are organic cotton or merino, mix and match them for the perfect cheap gift.

Bottom Balm- Every baby needs a good barrier cream. With the amount of nappy changes a young baby needs- a lot of barrier cream will be used. An organic and baby-safe healing balm makes for a great gift.

Facecloths- Babies get messy. Terry towelling is thick and absorbent, great for cleaning up all sorts of baby messes. Facecloths can be used to wash in the bath, clean grubby hands, and faces.

Books- Books have become a second choice to tablet time, however they will always be a timeless baby gift. Baby books do not need to be expensive. Look for ones that have lots of colours, shapes and varying textures to stimulate brain development.

Bibs- A set of trendy, organic cotton bibs makes a great cheap and simple baby shower gift.

Cotton or Muslin Swaddle- Organic cotton swaddling blankets are super soft and breathable, perfect for new babies. Our GOTS organic cotton are gentle on the environment and baby.

Merino Swaddle- Merino swaddles are excellent for new babies. Merino helps regulate baby’s temperature by keeping them warm when it’s cool and cool when it’s warm. Merino swaddles make a neat and unique baby gift.

Under $50

Organic Cotton Baby Clothes- Basics make the best baby clothing gift. This is because they are durable, simple and practical. Although bold pieces can be a sweet gift, the frequency of wears will be low. To get the most out of your money, gift good quality, long-lasting baby clothes. Buy two of our organic cotton bodysuits, all in ones or bundlers and save!

Baby towels- Babies love bath-time. A baby towel and matching face cloths is a great gift. Organic cotton baby towels are the best as they are super gentle on sensitive young skin.

Fitted sheet- this is a great low-cost alternative to a sheet set- but just as handy! In reality, the fitted bottom sheet is the one that needs changing the most. Gifting a cute fitted sheet is a great practical baby shower gift. 

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