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Wash Cloths

Looking for soft wash cloths?

Here at babu we have a range of organic muslin and cotton wash cloths at great prices. They are essential items for feeding and bathing.

Our gauze muslins are so soft and gentle on baby’s face and your own, it has an open weave so rinses easily.
Our cotton wash cloths are great for the face, the nappy bag and to always have at arm’s reach.

These make the perfect gift that will get used every day plus they’re so versatile, durable and more environmentally friendly than regular wipes.

Tip: use different colours for different tasks! Eg: white for face and grey for bottoms, so you never mix them up!

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  • Muslin wash cloths lighthouse blue 6 pack
    $10.34 $6.67

    Looking for a soft multi-purpose cloth for baby? These are the best! 100% organic cotton muslin, so lightweight and soft for baby’s young skin. Multi-purpose wipes for feeding time spills, bottoms or bathtime. Perfect...

  • Gauze Muslin wash cloths buy 2 and save

    Tidying up after the little one is never easy, particularly when their skin is so soft and new. But you won’t have to worry with Babu’s ultra-gentle burp and facecloth range designed specifically for your...

  • Terry towel and face cloth gift pack grey stitch
    $33.35 $30.02

    Bathtime will be a breeze with our thick and luxurious 500gsm terry towelling hooded baby bath towel & matching face cloths.  Hooded towels are essential for newborns as they lose so much heat from their heads...

  • organic facecloths shell star

    Incredibly soft and long lasting  these 20cm x 20cm wash cloths make tidying up after your little one easy. Soft and sensitive skin, no problems; coupled with our delicious wash and shampoo and hooded towel, bathtime...

  • Facecloths white with pink stitch

    Made from a thick & luxurious 500gsm terry towelling. Match up with our organic hooded baby towel for a cute gift. At a very affordable price, this makes the perfect little something to add to a gift. A set of 2...

  • Terry baby hooded towel, gauze muslin, facecloth coastal star
    $46.69 $42.69

    Fantastic value this bathing pack is beautifully presented in that simple and stylish Babu way.  This great bathing pack has everything you need for your newborn baby. thick & luxurious 500gsm terry towels, soft and...

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