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Repair / Rehome


The 3 R's are important to us here at Babu and are a huge step towards protecting the environment we live in.

Babu products really do stand the test of time, so why not make them live longer with a quick repair so they can be re-homed and re-used whether that be by yourself or passed on to someone else. If you have some Babu you would like repaired click here for more more information

If you have Babu that you don't have family or friends to pass on to, please let us know here. We can re-home your goods on your behalf to someone in need.

If you would like to nominate someone or yourself to be on our list of people in need, please register here.

We work hard to know all our suppliers in our supply chain so you can feel safe when you buy Babu products. We only use companies well certified, who treat their staff with respect, pay living wages and set standard hours. It goes without saying that we would never use any business or third party supplier who use child or indentured labour.

To see our cotton production in India and our wonderful team there, please feel free to watch our latest video.

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