Premature Baby

Premature babies need special love and attention. Babu’s premature baby clothing line is ideal for a prem’s sensitive skin, and helps them regulate their temperature so you don’t have to worry. 

Babu’s organic cotton and merino wool premature baby clothing are the ideal fabrics to help premature babies regulate their body temperature so they can concentrate on gaining weight and getting stronger! 

Heat-trapping, luxurious merino wool is the ideal fabric for premature babies. Prem baby clothing made from merino is clinically proven to help them sleep better and gain more weight.  Our merino is 100% pure superfine and super soft for prem babies delicate skin (18.5 micron) and meets the Woolmark Nutured Standard.

Babu makes 3 baby clothing items just for your premature baby: our premature baby onesie, specially designed bodysuit and our cozy premature baby nightie. If that isn’t enough, we have a gorgeous merino knitted hat in prem size as well. Plus, the rib woollen prem hat makes the perfect present from birth as it expands as they do.

PREM Merino All in One Footless

Now available for Premature babies. An essential item for every baby. Merino All-in-One with double ended zip for easy changing and double layer merino in the feet. Perfect for day or night.  These are extremely soft and comfortable with all...

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Merino Beanie

Limited release Merino wool beanie.   Made from 100% incredibly soft merino "cashfeel" wool. That means it is so soft it feel like cashmere. An essential item; this warm and super cute hat can be worn turned up of top loose and floppy. (I can fit...

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Organic Prem Bundler

An absolute essential for bed. Bundle up your baby for a good night’s sleep in this cute sleepsack. Easy for nappy changes with an elasticated bottom, just lift up and change without having to undress. Built-in hand warmers (mittens) just fold...

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PREM Merino Bodysuit

The cutest bodysuit for your wee premature babies. Perfect for keeping these little ones temperatures regulated, they can't do it on their own which is why our 18.5 100% superfine merino bodysuits are the best. They are incredibly warm and super soft and...

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Premature Baby Merino Knitted Rib hat

Keep the cold out with this soft, stretchy, thick, knitted rib hat specifically made for Prem babies. These are super warm and extremely cute! Prem size 8.5cm(w) x 9cm(h) unstretched. *Please note this hat is not to be worn when in bed. If you do want...

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