Merino Sleeping Bag

Merino kids and baby sleeping bags required in your nursery?

Fall in love with our versatile 3-season Merino Wool baby & Kid’s Sleeping Bags. This merino sleeping bag is perfect for babies and toddlers and will keep them warm through Autumn, Winter and Spring! 

Our merino kids sleeping bags are made from two layers of premium 100% merino wool that traps in heat and wicks away moisture so your baby can sleep soundly. Our bags are warm enough to use when your baby’s bedroom is 14 degrees celsius, but since it’s a natural fibre, there is no TOGG rating. To know what sleepwear your baby should be wearing while sleeping in one of our merino wool sleeping bags, please use the clothing guide that comes with this item for best results. Our bags are extremely easy to care for - they dry quickly when flung over the heated towel rail or drying rack, making it clean and dry for your baby’s next sleep. 

International studies have shown that merino sleepwear and bedding helps achieve longer, less interrupted sleep… and as parents, we all know how important getting a good night’s sleep is!

Want more information about why you’ll love our sleeping bags? Read our customer reviews for peace of mind.


Merino Sleeping bag, onesie, bodysuit grey

Merino Sleeping Bundle Large

Fantastic savings on this 100% merino sleeping bag with perfectly matched merino clothing for a great nights sleep. Simply pick your clothing colour and sizes. We know you will LOVE this pack and if you add your Babu mailing list code you'll get extra...

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