DIY Home Moth Remedies

Posted by Babu on 6th Aug 2015

DIY Home Moth Remedies

Get rid of moths without the use of moth balls and other store-bought products. 

We all hat the damage moths can do to our clothes and if you are like us, the toxic moth ball just isn't the fact they can be about as dreadful as a moth infestation itself, so we've explored a few natural, pleasant alternatives you can take to protect your woolens and other clothing you keep stored away.

Did you know a single clothes moth can lay up to 200 eggs at a time and its larvae can damage your expensive woolens without you even knowing they are there.

Here are several time-proven natural home remedies to try:

Cedar (chips, balls, planks or
essential oil–cedar lined closets, drawers or trunks)
ClovesCinnamon sticks
Dried lavenderDried lemon peelDried orange peel

You can make bags/sachets to stash in cupboards, drawers, under beds or hang in closets out of cotton fabrics, plain cheesecloth, muslin,(Babu gauze muslin wash cloths are great) linen or clean nylons (knee highs or cut pantyhose). You could also spread dried orange and lemon peels in between clothing and linens while you’re packing them away.

Sachet Recipes:

  • 50/50 rosemary and mint
  • 1 part dried lavender, 1 part rosemary, 1/2 part dried lemon peel, 1 TBS cloves
  • 1 part whole cloves, 1 part whole peppercorns, 2 – 4 cinnamon sticks broken in pieces
  • 1 part dried lavender, 1 part dried lemon peel, 1 broken cinnamon stick
  • 1 part cedar shavings, 1 part thyme
  • 1 part peppermint, 1 part spearmint, 1 part rosemary, 1/2 part thyme
  • Equal parts ground cloves, black pepper, orris root and cinnamon

You can mix and match your own recipes, or just use 100% one ingredient if you like. Fill small bags/sachets to hold between 1/4 cup and 1/2 cup of the herb mixture. Roughly scrunch the bags periodically to help release their smells. Refill bags once they are no longer effective or hold no aroma. Enjoy the bonus of a nice smelling closet!

Clearly the best course of action is to stop the moths before they come calling. So here are some tips for when you are storing your items away.

Clothing Storage Tips

  • Make sure you wash your merino first before storing. 
  • Use airtight containers too which give that extra protection.
  • Freeze you clothes first, great way to kill larvae you can't see.
  • Store Clothing in Sealed Containers
  • Store Clothing in a Dry Place
  • Vacuum. Edges of wardrobes, drawers and behind furniture.
  • If you know moths have discovered your storage area, kill larvae by dry cleaning, freezing cloth items for a few days or wash then tumble in the dryer on high heat (if possible). Clean the storage area thoroughly before using again.

You can't see a moth hole general before an item is washed. Larvae chew the fibre threads and leave them weak. they snap in the wash causing the hole.

Images below of what moth holes look like on merino clothing items.

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