What do I gift a new baby?: The best gift ideas for newborns

What do I gift a new baby?: The best gift ideas for newborns

Posted by Babu on 2nd Feb 2021

What do I gift a newborn baby?

Coming up with gift ideas can be tricky. Here at Babu we help hundreds of people find the perfect gifts for babies of all ages.

What makes a good baby gift?

Ideally, a gift is a mix of thoughtfulness and practicality. Generally, gender-neutral baby gifts are also a good choice. This is because not only will they be used by the new baby but can be donated or re-used for future babies to come.

Gender-neutral choices can also be especially helpful for parents that are waiting to find out.

A New Outfit

Clothing is a great gift option for a new baby.

Remember- newborn babies don’t stay newborn for long. When you are choosing clothing for a newborn gift, selecting larger sizes (such as 0-3month, 3-6month) can be a great idea. Chances are the expecting parents have many newborn outfits already.

As well as different sizing, selecting a variety of different fabrics is ideal. When gifting baby clothes, many people will opt for cotton-based garments. Whilst these are wonderful, merino has many benefits for young babies. Merino bodysuits and onesies are a great practical gift for newborn babies.

Baby clothing basics are the best choice. This is because you don’t run the risk of gifting baby clothes that the parents will not like. Bold designs and patterns may mean your gift never get used.

Our best-selling baby clothing gifts:

Something Snuggly

Blankets are an awesome gift for newborn babies. Blankets are often admired right from receiving them as a newborn, all the way until adolescence. Many young adults still cherish the blankets and swaddles they were gifted as a baby. There is something comforting you get from holding your favourite childhood items.

A simple, good quality blanket is most likely to stand the test of time. Opt for an organic cotton or merino blanket for the best bang for your buck. Simple designs will also increase the longevity of your gift as it reduces the risk of being ‘grown out of’.

Soft toys are another excellent newborn baby gift choice. Unfortunately, newborns can’t exactly interact with larger, plush soft animals. If you want to gift a newborn a soft toy, the best option is minimally stuffed and small-medium sized. This means the baby will be able to grab and snuggle the toy from the get-go.

Our best-selling baby blankets and toys:

Bathing Gifts

Bath-time is a highlight of newborn life.

Gifting bath-time related items is a great way to ensure baby has the best bath-times.

Equip the new parents with some baby towels. Organic cotton baby towels are best. Organic cotton is especially gentle and super soft for sensitive baby skin.

A good barrier cream is another wonderful bath-time newborn gift. It is almost inevitable that newborn babies will experience the nasty nappy-rash at some point in their early life. Having a good, organic barrier cream on hand is very handy at combatting nappy-rash and other skin irritations.

Our best-selling bath-time baby gifts:

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