The Benefits of Soft Toys for Babies

The Benefits of Soft Toys for Babies

Posted by Babu on 7th Oct 2020

There is a reason almost everyone gets given a cuddly soft toy as a baby. They are more than just cute companions. Soft toys are great for developing crucial skills early in life.

A first friend

Soft toys are often one of the first figures in a baby’s life. During this stage, babies begin recognising shapes, colours, textures and faces in objects around them. Keeping a soft toy near your baby is a great way to promote sensory stimulation and development. 

A sense of comfort

Soft toys are wonderful for comforting and soothing babies. Soft toys often develop the scent of family members that are with the baby regularly. Babies are very sensitive to smells, allowing them to recognise the presence of a family member in the scent left on the toy. Providing a sense of familiarity can make separation easier. This extra comfort from soft toys can also be wonderful in unfamiliar environments to calm and sooth your baby.

Cuddly sidekick

Soft toys have been described as great transitional toys. They help baby to develop independence and self-soothing in early childhood, as they explore support systems outside their parents. Cuddly soft toys are often there to experience the milestones and journey of childhood, making a great fuzzy sidekick for your little one.

Promotes imagination

Soft toys encourage children to learn to play alone and self-entertain. Children become great role-players, feeding their imagination and creativity. Many children will take care of their soft toys as if they are their own with feeding, changing and putting to bed. This encourages nurturing and gentle behaviours which is a wonderful skill to have, especially if there is a new baby on the way.

Sentimental value

Many adults hold on to the toys they loved as a child. Some adults have real trouble getting rid of these toys. Often the memories and sentimental values are too strong to part ways with.

Soft toys

Remember to be careful with the toys you give your young babies. Toys for infants should be free of loose eyes, long or wilting fur and not too heavy. We recommend our best-selling  snuggle bunny.

Older children can enjoy more intricate soft toys such as our  Citta cuddly toys.

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