Not just for bottoms...our healing balm

Not just for bottoms...our healing balm

Posted by Babu on 12th Sep 2017

Our bottom (+ everywhere) healing balm is a natural barrier balm to help heal and protect against rashes not just on bottoms but also works wonders on cradle cap, eczema and dry irritated skin anywhere on the body.

It is made from 100% natural ingredients of macadamia nut oil, organic shea butter, zinc, beeswax & coconut oil, no nasties!

Just to prove how amazing this is, it was put to the test with wee Nate who’s parents had tried many other creams to treat his eczema to no avail. They visited our stand at the Christchurch Baby Expo and we sent them some balm to test on his poor little face, chest and back.

Less than 3 weeks later Tania sent us these before and after photos of her son, and this is what she wrote:

"We have been treating Nate's eczema since he was just 4 months old. We have tried many moisturisers, balms and lotions but he still scratched, and scratched and scratched. We have learnt of his food allergies and are working on those but the eczema still remains. Nate's face was oozing, crusty and cut from all the irritation. I tried Babu bum cream twice a day on his face to help heal the skin. The oozing dried up and all the cuts healed quickly. He is looking and feeling so much better. His face is dry and I don't need to change his bedding everyday".

"I squeezed our first tube right down to the last drop. I read a post just yesterday that healing is not linear, and we have ups and downs. Babu bum cream worked so well and so quickly, I think this is something that will stay in our eczema treating toolbox".

We know this product works, to try it for yourself buy it here

Ali x 

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