Merino care tips: washing and drying

Merino care tips: washing and drying

Posted by Babu on 12th Jan 2021

Merino wool garments can get expensive. The last thing you want is to ruin your merino by treating it incorrectly. To make the most out of your merino, you will need to take care in how you store, wash and dry it. 

How do I care for merino?

To maximise the quality and longevity of your merino garments you must care for them appropriately. Make sure to wash and dry your merino using wool safe methods. Vacuum your closets frequently and store your merino in plastic containers to prevent developing moth holes.

How do I wash merino wool?

  • Wash on a gentle machine cycle
  • Use a wool approved wash
  • Wash inside out to reduce pilling

Do not: Soaks, bleach, wring or dry clean. 

Can I hand-wash merino wool?

If you do not have a gentle wash cycle on your machine or would prefer to wash your merino by hand, we recommend following these steps:

  • Fill your laundry sink or a bucket with lukewarm water and a few drops of a wool approved detergent.
  • Submerge your merino and gently move it around in the water- remember to refrain from soaking
  • Carefully rinse out your garment with fresh lukewarm water

How do I dry merino wool?

Drying merino wool in the sun will cause it to discolour. Lay your freshly washed merino wool on a flat surface away from the sun for the best results. 

How do I remove stains from merino wool?

Never soak or bleach merino- even if you develop a stain. To remove stains on merino, carefully dab the area with a cloth covered in a wool approved detergent. Follow up by washing your merino as usual and the stain should come out.

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