How to reduce pilling

How to reduce pilling

Posted by Babu on 7th Sep 2020

Pilling- also called bobbles or lint balls is a common occurrence on clothing. The appearance of pilling on knitwear is associated with lower quality products, although it is almost inevitable for all qualities of knitwear. This is an important topic to us as we take pride in the quality and integrity of our merino products.

What is pilling?

Pilling of knitwear is the formation of small balls on the surface of the fabric. This is caused by the abrasions of key areas susceptible to rubbing such as the belly, between the legs and underarms. Regular rubbing of the fabric loosens the surface fibres that become entangled, ultimately creating small balls when the loose fibres clump together. These fibrous balls are held on by an anchor fibre, causing them to remain on garments. Some pills may be permanent due to strong anchor fibres.

How do we reduce pilling?

Unfortunately, some pilling is common occurrence when owning knitwear, even with the highest quality merino wool. We aim to maximise the durability and enhance your merino wearing experience by carefully selecting the best wool and manufacturing processes.

All fibres are prone to pilling, including artificial, synthetic and natural fibres. However, our 100% merino wool range is less vulnerable to long-lasting pilling.

Our merino wool has shorter fibres. Short fibres are still prone to pilling however they have reduced anchoring. This means that if pills form, they are less well anchored and remove themselves from the surface of the garment.

It is common for wool/ synthetic fibre blends to form large and long-lasting pills due to the combination of easily tangled short fibres and strong anchor fibres. This is why we are proud of our high-quality merino wool as well as its thermal and moisture regulating properties.

How can you reduce pilling?

We recommend following our Merino Washing Tips to ensure reduction of pilling on your merino garments. Appropriate wool detergents, gentle washing and air drying lessen the opportunity for pills to form, allowing you to enjoy our products without compromising quality.

Pilling removal

Do not panic! You can easily remedy the appearance of pilling on your knitwear garments. Using a razor or wool comb you can shave off the little balls to leave your clothes looking brand new again.

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