How do I treat nappy rash?

How do I treat nappy rash?

Posted by Babu on 17th Dec 2020

Unfortunately, it is likely that you and your little one will experience the discomforts of nappy rash at some point in their first few years. Babies use hundreds and hundreds of nappies throughout their life- it is no surprise that nappy rash is such a common issue.

What is nappy rash?

Nappy rash or diaper rash is a form of dermatitis. Nappy rash will cause patches of irritated, inflamed or red skin.

If your baby fusses when being touched around the bum and thighs or experiences discomfort during changing time, they may be developing a skin irritation.

More serious cases of nappy rash may cause a spread of redness and irritation to other parts of the body as well as a high temperature. If these symptoms occur, we recommend consulting your doctor.

What causes nappy rash?

The most common cause of nappy or diaper rash is infrequent nappy changes. Long exposure to wet or soiled nappies can develop skin irritations, such as nappy rash.

Other causes of nappy rash include:

  • Antibiotics- Whilst antibiotics are wonderful for killing bad bacteria, they also kill good bacteria. Antibiotics are known to increase the risk of diarrhoea and yeast infections. Mother’s that are taking antibiotics may pass it through their breastmilk.
  • Diarrhoea- Increased bowel movements will result in a need for more frequent nappy changes.
  • Trying new foods- Similarly, trying new foods will change their stool. This may lead to diarrhoea.
  • Trying new products- Baby skin is extra sensitive. Not all babies will react well to wipes, creams, powders, balms, detergents and fragrance.
  • Chafing- Overly tight or small nappies will cause irritation of the bum and thighs, possibly developing into a rash.

How do I treat nappy rash?

  • Change the nappy as soon as it is soiled- this will prevent trapping moisture on the skin.
  • When possible, go nappy-less! Exposure to fresh air and sunlight is a wonderful natural medicine.
  • Use sensitive products. Gentle, fragrance-free detergents and balms will make a world of difference. Consider using a cloth and some warm water instead of baby wipes for a more natural approach.
  • Let baby dry. Give enough time after wiping or bathing to ensure the skin is dry before dressing in a fresh nappy. This will prevent any unnecessary moisture from being trapped against the skin.
  • Apply a good barrier cream before every fresh nappy to keep nappy rash away. 

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