How do I make my home baby-proof?

How do I make my home baby-proof?

Posted by Babu on 4th Dec 2020

As your baby becomes more mobile, the hazards in your home become endless. Babies explore the world through grabbing, poking and putting things in their mouth. Whilst these are crucial for learning and development, they can put baby in a lot of danger if their environment is not appropriately baby-proofed.

You will never realise how many hazards are in a household until you have a child. We have highlighted a few of the main dangers in New Zealand homes. Please see this  wonderful guide for a more in-depth outline of hazards to look out for in your household.


Young children hold onto anything to increase their mobility. Little fingers can easily get smashed in hinges or the door frame. Doorstops are a wonderful baby-proofing solution. These will hold the door in place, preventing doors slamming and catching young fingers.

If your child is old enough to open doors, consider child-proof doorknob attachments or door latches. This will stop them from opening doors that they shouldn’t, getting access to cupboards, or escaping out the front door.


For obvious reasons, having uncovered outlets can be a huge hazard for young children. Thankfully in New Zealand we have switches on our outlets, however, it does not take long for children to figure out how to work a switch. Whether they are poking them with their fingers or a toy, the risk of electrocution is high. An easy fix for this is using plastic outlet covers that you can slot into your outlets that are not in use.

Cables and cords

It is a good idea to tie up all cables and cords, so they are no longer in reach of young children. Babies and children can easily become entangled in electrical cables and cords on adjustable blinds, increasing the risk of strangulation.


Baby gates are an easy way to prevent babies and toddlers from falling down the stairs. Whilst baby gates are great solutions, it is also important to teach your baby how to manoeuvre down the stairs safely.

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