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Merino Wool Baby Blankets

Wool baby blankets are an essential nursery item.

Our wool baby blankets a perfect choicel for your baby. Choose our merino wool baby blankets instead of other fabrics because they are easy to care for, softer and warmer than you could ever imagine. 

At Babu we make products that you will love for years to come. That’s why our cot blankets will move from your baby’s cot, to their bed and then to your sofa.

Beautiful designs and colours make these blankets the ones you will remember for a lifetime. We stand by these blankets… and we sleep with them too!

We designed smaller merino wool bassinet blankets for you to use on the go and around the house. They are the perfect go-to for the pushchair, pram or car seat. Or, keep a stash of these baby blankets in your nursery just in case! 

Get some sleep for you and your children - buy merino wool blankets that are so soft and warm it’s practically impossible not to fall asleep with them!

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